A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Today is the memorial service for my Grandma’s husband. I thought it would be nicer to make a donation somewhere in his honor versus sending flowers or food, so I asked my mom to check with my Grandma about possible places. The only one she came back with was his church.

Which, eeehhhh, I really am iffy on making a donation to a church. For one thing, this is the church which includes a private school which Aria went to for many years and at the hands of which she experienced huge amounts of bullying. The teachers and other parents were shitty and unwelcoming to my sister, as well. Soooo, I kind of have a hard time making this donation for that reason, aside from the notion of giving money to such a conservative organization.

The question is, do I make it anyway? Or find a non-secular charity and risk the wrath of my family?


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