A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I feel like I’m getting sick. Sore throat and headache is not usually a good combination! There are a couple of ouchie-looking (that’s the medical term) on the right side of my throat, but I did a salt water gargle and am hoping for the best. My attorney (and friend!) who lives in Chicago is in town Monday and Tuesday so I really can’t be out of the office. Need to feel better asap.

Expressing your feelings is not as simple as it sounds today. Even if you try to share what’s on your mind, language falls short of communicating your experience. Although anger from an old emotional wound may linger, it’s hard to stay in a negative place for very long now because of all the possibilities you see waiting on the horizon. Instead of talking about your dilemma, improve your life one positive step at a time. Actions speak louder than words.

Subscribed to Vegetarian Times magazine, had terrible anxiety all night, dinner party this evening. Kind of a busy weekend all in all.


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