A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Long weekend. I had a nice massage on Friday, spent the day cooking and cleaning on Saturday, and then joined the Red Sox buddies out at our bar for the game that night. We lost, but it was still nice to see everyone. By the time I got home, my throat was feeling sore… then yesterday I brewed a double IPA, throat getting more sore, head pounding… by the end of last night after Ethan’s “celebrating the new job” dinner, I felt really awful.

And today I have an appointment at Zoomcare because I’m a little worried I have strep throat. My throat is… not right.

Along with not feeling well physically, there were parts of the weekend where I was really awash in some bad head feelings, which mercifully were mitigated with Ativan, but which reinforced the need for me to be doing as much as possible and keeping my mind busy.

The brewing though, was fun. I followed the recipe to the letter, and everything seems to have gone smoothly. I guess we’ll see what happens from here. I checked on it this morning and it’s got a big head of krausen on it inside the carboy, but nothing coming through the blow-off tube, yet. I did hear it make a noise a while ago. I’m trying to be chill about this – if it turns out tasty, then yay! And if not, well, I have a couple ideas where I made some judgment calls which might not have been right, and I’ll tweak the process next time. I also added some basil and lemon zest which were not included on the recipe, which might just make the whole thing a bust; we’ll see. (In 24 days.)

This is definitely not going to be a high volume yielding beer, though, I can already tell that. And I think that my next beer won’t be quite so hop-heavy. I’d like to experiment with some different styles. I love the Belgians, so I might go for one of those next. All in all, the process was very fun and I’m already looking forward to doing it again. It’s a very SATISFYING process. Oh, and I named it Dog Nose Double IPA – because a) I love a dog nose, and b) there’s a LOT of scent complexity to this brew.

Next up in the urban homestead: buy stuff to put in tomato and zucchini garden! Last night I tried some of Matthew’s pickled asparagus and it was delicious. I’ll be canning and pickling this summer, too.

Alrighty then – off to the clinic I go.


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