A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Had a bit of energy, so I went for a short block and now I’m home and out of energy again. I forgot to mention that last week I finished my North Carolina puzzle and it was good. I’ve got National Parks to do next, but no energy to begin it yet.

At some point this week or this weekend, I would like to make homemade apple butter, though. It’s a crock pot recipe, which is lovely, but which does require the peeling, coring and dicing of 5lbs of apples. Peeling apples is one of my LEAST favorite cooking things to do.

Speaking of cooking, the vege’ing is coming along nicely. The chicken kebab Matthew and Ethan made on their grill the other night looked scrum-diddly-umptious, but I found myself quite content with the veggies and couscous and raita and pickled asparagus. I’m eating extremely well, and aside from being sick, feeling better digestively-speaking. I have to say, vegetarian and vegan cooking has come a loooooong way since the last time I did this! I don’t anticipate supplementing my meals with faux meat patties/crumbles/nuggets, etc, very frequently, which is a change from last time.


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