A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Sorry I don’t have anything interesting or entertaining to say. I feel like an actual liability in my office today, so low is my brain power and ability to focus on real legal work, so I’ve been “keeping a low profile,” as Paul the Managing Partner instructed, which really meant I took a long lunch and finished my book and have had a lot of tea and in-chair naps. (I should have just stayed home, but it was nice of them to let me just sit still, answer the phone as a back-up, and pay me to do it.) “The Kitchen Daughter” was superb, by the way. If any of you read it, let me know what you think. It’s not ground-breaking storytelling, but it’s sweet and kind and the language is lovely, and I absolutely loved it. I’m starting The Lavender Garden next.

My achievement for the day was mailing a box of goodies to Aria, whose grades were not bad/actually pretty good this week. We’re supposed to chat tonight too, but I’ve postponed it until tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have a little more pep by then.


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