A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I still don’t have anything interesting to report. I did meet Matt for dinner last night, in what I thought was the kick-off to a weekly “Kristen & Matt Wednesdays” thing, and while the pizza was good, Matt was 40 minutes late! He forgot our plan, and was at dinner with someone else! I forgave him of course. He’s not usually flighty and he has a LOT going on right now, but it was still a bit awkward. Then after about an hour and something, he abruptly said he was feeling sick and needed to go, so it was an early evening. That was fine with me, actually. I drove home through the neighborhoods around Mt. Tabor and admired everyone’s gardens, which is second only to admiring them on foot. I really love my neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Honestly, there are but a few Portland neighborhoods I don’t like quite a lot!

The funny part of the evening was that as I was leaving my house, I paused on the porch because I realized I didn’t have my kindle. I stood there debating – go back in and get it, or just get over to the restaurant – and decided to just run back in for it. Then of course I was glad I had done so, because I had something to occupy me while I waited. (Note: The Lavender Garden is not very good so far.)

New gutters and downspouts are being installed on my house today – finally, after 6+ years of us complaining about the waterfalls every time it rains.

And in travel news: I ordered a pair of Chacos sandals (mine were NOT $100!!) and am hoping to get away somewhere nearby and hike in them this weekend. The weather is supposed to be pretty and I’d like to reinvigorate ExplOregon. I also ordered a pair of Sofft sandals, (like Birkenstocks, I think) although I’m not sure I’ll keep them. I decided that after all these years of wearing shitty plastic sandals, that this year I would actually wear something decent and supportive. The sad thing is that the older I get, the more important comfortable, supportive, back-friendly shoes become. Hahaha, might as well embrace it….


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