A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Good heavens, I am stiff and sore from tip to toe this morning. My neck and shoulders and back and hips and legs and ankles are all so stiff and achy. I attribute it to my very long walk in new sandals yesterday, and also sleeping on my neck wrong… and I’ve got cold sore tingles. 😦

Everyone here in my office today is very cheerful. I don’t feel cheerful at all, which means I’ll be faking it today so as to not burst anyone’s joy balloons. Where is my joy? I think I’ll go for a walk in the sun at lunch and do a gratitude meditation. Hopefully that will kickstart some joy and cheerfulness and start to pick away at the edges of the ho-hum that’s been draped limply over me. (That’s probably why my damn shoulders hurt.)

Blackhawks start their playoff run on Thursday against the Blues. Bruins are playing Detroit (ugh). The Red Sox lost their series against the Yankees, which burns my boots. The team doesn’t seem to be gelling quite yet. It’s early days – way way too early to panic or even really think about gelling, but… something is just off right now. I hope it gets righted soon.


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