A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I made these veggie “noodles” and put my homemade spaghetti sauce over it, which was also chock full of veggies. What a surprisingly delicious meal. The veg pictured is a carrot, zuke, yellow squash combo.

I am extremely happy with this, and I made a bunch. (1 carrot, 1 zuke, and 1 yellow squash noddled down into at least 4 servings, then I chopped the rest and that’s probably 2 servings worth!) I actually got this idea from a vegan blog I stumbled across. Man has vegan food come a long way! I’m having a great time cooking for myself. One thing I have realized is that I’m going to have to shop every week instead of every two weeks. Luckily I have been building a larder of canned foods and spices and oils for years, so I have that kind of foundational type stuff to be able to cook all kinds of different and interesting dishes, and then every week I just stock up on the produce for the week. I think it’s going to work out pretty well, and hooooopppppeeefully will lower my grocery bill.

A recent disappointment was quinoa. I tried to make it like rice, which I thought was how you do it, but it never poofed. Any idea what I did wrong? I was really looking forward to it, because….!! Quinoa is not actually a grain; it is part of the spinach and kale family, which means it’s consumable during Passover. Not that I’m strict – I had a beer last night without thinking about it – but I do TRY. And anyway, besides that, quinoa is great! IF I CAN COOK IT.

I went to a short seder this evening with one of the attorneys and it was very nice. I got home and my summer wreath had arrived, and is now hanging on my door (yes, I am one of those year-round wreath people).

Aaaaaaand, at the writing group last night we were talking about things that hang us up. I mentioned that writing feels very hard to me right now, and that it’s depressing because it used to be so easy, and I find myself really holding myself back. They were all encouraging and empathetic. So today at lunch I just started writing and it felt good to just let it flow, without holding back or thinking too hard or trying to be clever. I mean, it’s actually a physical feeling of relief!


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