A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

It was a low-key and lazy weekend for me. I slept until 11 on Saturday! Can you believe that lazy sluggishness! Oh man, it was great. I woke up a couple of times and heard the pounding rain, then snuggled back in. Just glorious. I rarely sleep so late, but it was lovely. But after I got up, I was very productive and house proud.

Aside from having ZERO dirty laundry (including sheets, towels and blankets!), I went to the (closer) brewing supply store and got an auto-siphon, a bottling wand, and some shiny red bottle caps for the Dog Nose Double IPA. I dry-hopped it on Sunday, which means I took out the cork and airlock, dumped in fresh hops, and replaced the cork. These hops are for aroma and not necessarily for flavor, although I suspect/hope! this will be a lovely, bright hoptastic beer.

I made an executive decision about the very small (11″) laptop I bought recently for toting around to coffee shops and to my writing group – it is TOO small. I spend more time frustratedly fighting with it than I do actually using it. So I’m selling it to a woman in my office for her son to use at home, and I’ve ordered a larger, non-touchscreen version to replace it.

The writing itself is coming along. I was thinking about it this morning and it feels a little like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing which strand sticks. Much more loosey-goosey than I’ve ever approached writing, but we’ll see how it goes. Professional writing is going swimmingly, which is somewhat boggling. Shouldn’t creative writing be easier? I hope if I just keep tickling away at it and coming at it from different angles, this block/issue/problem will recede.


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