A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Earth Day is my Grandpa Chuck’s yarzheit (anniversary of his death), or when I celebrate it, anyway. (He actually died on April 23, but that year it was Earth Day, and so I celebrate both on whichever day it is on a given year.) My grandpa was a great believer in not being wasteful, and in treading lightly on the earth. He had two green thumbs and a rose garden that he tended with great love and care. Every morning he brought in rose blossoms for my grandma, and floated them in wide round vases or placed stems in tall vases and left them all over the house for her. He grew the best tomatoes I’ve ever eaten, and he would lift us up into the apple trees to pick fruit to eat. He was kind and exemplified all the qualities I could ever aspire to.

This year I have already resolved to lessen my personal impact on the environment. I’ve gone back to vegetarianism, I’ve started composting again, and have resolved to generate only one bag of trash every two weeks (with the rest being reused, recycled and/or composted). I think the next logical step will be to increase my public transpo usage. Bussing it twice a week seems like a meetable goal… the faucets are all low-flow, the toilet has been modified to save water, all of my lightbulbs are CFLs (in the pretty colors!)… Water conservation is actually an area in which I could improve vastly, so that’s something to consider. I have been thinking of getting a rain barrel for outside stuff, and of course if I grew my own food/shopped more locally, that would be preferable to trips to the grocery store…

Mainly I just feel very fortunate to live in a place that makes it so EASY to be environmentally friendly and to meet my goals. And I feel fortunate that there is so much information readily available with which to educate myself about ways I CAN be more enviro-friendly. And I do think that every little bit helps!


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