A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Oh my goodness, racism and horrible stupid comments abound in the world and on Facebook. Have you guys heard the terrible rants by the owner of The LA Clippers? YIKES STRIPES. I guess they have verified that it is indeed him on the recordings, but I am wondering where the recordings came from. There is talk that his girlfriend baited him, and maybe she did, but be that as it may, the things he said were still pretty damn awful.

They are, however, pretty much no different than what has come out of my own grandpa’s mouth. I think maybe people of a certain age have a different mindset? I don’t know. In my grandpa’s case, he is not a terribly educated man, and he always lived fairly rurally, and certainly grew up in sticks and during a time when racism was the norm. Not that any of that excuses it, I’m just saying it’s no shocker to me that an oldish white dude has some racist beliefs.

Then Sarah Palin, of whom I am no fan, defending the use of waterboarding as an interrogation technique by crowing, “Waterboarding is how we baptize the terrorists!”

Uhhhh. What? I can’t imagine the conservative Christian right which comprises her base of support thought THAT statement was ok. I get it that she was just in her “rally” mode, but jiminy crickets, equating a sacred religious ritual with violence doesn’t exactly paint the right in a favorable light. And those cats are already suffering pretty terribly on the social justice front.

Anyway. I said something about it on FB and a guy I used to work with – the man who was yen’s former boss, as a matter of fact – went OFF in just the most disgusting way. I deleted the post and then PM’d him asking him to refrain from making those types of racist comments on my posts, and he wanted to get pedantic and discuss how my use of the word “racism” was inappropriate … and then to defend the terrible things he said.

Which kind of makes the over-arching point here: people who discriminate in whatever form it takes (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc) seem to rarely know they’re doing it, or don’t seem to care.

Slightly depressing. I mean yen’s former attorney (and DUH, the irony isn’t lost on me) is a highly educated guy. Apparently though, that was never enough to erase his hateful views. SUPER depressing.


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