A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I didn’t mention in my previous post, but now I’m at the whining stage: yesterday, the back ache was making me nauseous. I drove home in a very hot car for almost an hour, and was so hungry and sore and hot by the time I got home, I was just feeling terrible. I ended up gobbling some food, which unfortunately was exactly the WRONG thing to do when I was already feeling nauseous. You can figure out how that went.

Also when I got home the standing oscillating fan had somehow wrenched its head off the stand and was dangling at a cruel angle, still running, but making a terrible loud clicking sound. The cats greeted me at the door with shell-shocked PTSD faces – ears straight out and panicky. I stilled the fan and tried to fix it, but it was SO HOT in the house and I was sick and hungry. The fan went onto the guest bed and I went to the couch to lie in front of another fan until the woozy sick grossness passed. (The fan I think can be fixed with creative duct-taping, but the oscillating days are over.)

Matt and I went out, and I was still feeling nauseous, but figured it would pass, and I was careful not to eat much or drink any alcohol at all. But by the time I got home last night, I was really unwell again. And today, the nausea is lingering. I cannot figure out why or what is wrong – I’ve eaten, but not too much, and healthfully. I took my allergy pill this morning and my vitamin. I am not too hot. My back feels completely fine.

I really wanted to watch hockey and move furniture tonight, but barring some magical reversal of this horrid feeling that I am going to be sick at any moment, I can’t really imagine doing anything but taking a nap and then going to bed early.

Also, the seemingly neverending physical complaints are really wearing my mood right to the ground. Health! Well-being! Vim! Vigor! COME TO ME.


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