A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

T! G! I! F! I am sure looking forward to some downtime. And I’m sure looking forward to getting rid of that freaking ridiculous Center Ice/NHL package. GOOD GOD what an incredible rip off. I am stuck paying for this piece of crap until JULY but ALL of the games are blacked out. I will neeeeeevvvvvvver ever purchase that again, and moreover will warn everyone I know against it as well. It’s my own fault for not reading the fine print – 5 days to cancel membership, then you’re locked in without the ability to cancel for NINE MONTHS. UGH. Stupid girl, read the fine print!

Okay but anyway. It’s sunny and lovely here again today and I am not dwelling on stupid mistakes made. Instead I am dwelling on fun things! The Blackhawks play tonight and I’m going to watch. The Big Brew is tomorrow and I’m going over to Steinbarts to watch the demo and eat some free food. Then several of us are getting together for dinner and to cheer on the Timbers. Sunday I am bottling my Dog Nose Double IPA! Yesssssss! It feels like it’s been forever! I’m so anxious to see how it has turned out.

ALSO many glorious books have come in for me at the library. I got books on hostas, vegetable gardening, waterfall hikes, the history of baseball, and the psychology of dogs. AAAAHHHH books. Speaking of, I finished The Line by J.D. Horn (who I have learned is a Portlandweller like me) and it was really really enjoyable! A cool and interesting twist on the witch genre, and set in Savannah, Georgia. Two thumbs up.


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