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Riddle me this

Caught some flack today in the office for making veggie lasagna for my friend who is undergoing chemo.

Ok, wait, backstory – she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemo. I coordinated everyone to cook meals for her and her family, because the week after the chemo, she’s super wiped out and she’s got three kids and a husband who needs help too.

So we all signed up with what we’re bringing, and I said I’m making (and indeed tonight did make) a veggie lasagna. I caught some mouth for this, because THEY’RE not the vegetarians.

What the hell? I was flabbergasted. Then I considered the source and was no longer flabbergasted (just take a guess, eh), but then I started second-guessing myself.

The thing is, I don’t eat meat. I also don’t buy it, and especially not just from the regular grocery store. This is MY commitment, and I don’t think I should forgo it except in … I don’t know, an emergency? The lasagna I made for my friend and her family has zuke and yellow squash and mushroom and big chunks of tomato and a shitload of (real) cheese. It’s not like some watery monstrosity. I tasted it and it is delicious.

But did I do the wrong thing? Or is this person full of hot air? I obviously think I am in the perfectly-acceptable category, and considering my friend is getting 7 other dishes all containing meat, it’s not like they’re going to die from lack of protein. But I wonder what you guys think.

In other news, the FitBit requires both a charger and a dongle (I think we can agree that’s a terrible word) in order to sync, update, and function properly. I do not have either of those items, and so have ordered them, but of course they won’t be here til like Friday. My fitness goals are smashed!

Not really. But I’m disappointed because I wanted to play with my new gadget immediately.


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