A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Memory bombed

Every time I see footage of the Oklahoma City Murrah building bombing, even 19 (19!!) years later, I am brought to tears and made nauseous. It is a full-on physical reaction. I’m surprised every time.

This evening I watched a little short documentary on ESPN about the tornado last year in OK which hit 2 elementary schools and killed 10 children. It had clips from the bombing because one of the first responders survived this tornado. It caught me by surprise and the reaction was immediate.

The footage is god awful, the same awful as Boston, but bigger, and not as awful as 9/11, which of course no one could ever forget those particular horrors. But even though the 9/11 footage makes me very emotional, the OKC stuff just cleaves me. I can smell it, hear it, feel it – even all these years later. I have my own video which I think I’ve watched one time since my friend Billy shot it.

The power of our memories is really remarkable.

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