A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Go go gay weddings!

What a great day. I am so happy for Oregonians, to finally be able to marry whom they choose. Of course there will be challenges, but today… today the newspapers deleted comments which spewed hate and bigotry and people are just celebrating. Marriages are taking place as we speak. Officiants donated their time all day long, musicians donated their time, and restaurants catered free food all day long. Facebook is overflowing with hope and joy and love and optimism!

There are other things going on: the submission I’m supposed to critique tomorrow (which we’re supposed to critique for an HOUR) is 2 poems, one of which is 3 paragraphs and the other is 1 paragraph. I have no idea how to workshop a poem. The analysis we did in college was just that – deconstructing and analyzing. This is altogether different. I asked the main guy for some guidance, but it pretty much cements for me that I am not finding the group to be terribly useful. Remember how I told you Ethan got hardcore porn a couple of weeks ago? Well, he got another submission, which was hugely graphically sexually violent, to the point of mutilation of one of the female characters. I’m all for the creative outlet, but… that stuff is just not for me, and I feel like it’s only a matter of time before that sort of thing comes up in my rotation.

I had Ethan and Matthew’s dog Franklin with me at work today and he was so good. He’s the most laid back puppy ever, and everyone has fallen for him, with his very white smile in his very black face, his soft floppy ears, and his fluffy feet and tail. He’s really a charmer, for sure!! It’s going to be an easy week with him here, i think. (Prob just jinxed it.)

Tonight I really must go to sleep earlier than I did last night. I got a bunch of projects finished today, and my anxiety level has gone down significantly. I have never missed a deadline yet, but I’m always afraid I will!


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