A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Well, I have officially left the writing group for the time being. I’m not getting anything out of it and it’s more frustration than help at this stage of things, so I think this is the best decision. I have met some ladies who I’m getting together with for some “writing in public” as we call it, and that’s really the communal kind of thing I wanted, so it’s all for the good!

My produce bin for the week arrived on Tuesday and I’m already almost finished with it!! (In fact, I had to supplement it in the regular grocery delivery this time. Eventually I may go up to the “small bin” versus the “bin for one.”) I am a veggie eating machine. There’s still fruit, eggs, and milk left to get through until the next delivery, but I’ll be cooking the kale tonight and that’s going to be about it for the veg. A couple of nights ago I drizzled the asparagus in olive oil and a little salt and roasted it — yum. I saved a few spears and cut them up to go in salads and that is a DEEEELICIOUS flavor! So far I am really liking the delivery. This time I also ordered cheese, along with the milk. I cannot TELL YOU how happy I am to not feel bad about what I am eating.

Now if I can just lose a few pounds!!

In happy stepmother news, mine got her (quite belated) Mother’s Day gift in the mail finally today, and she loooooved it, so it was a success in spite of taking so long to arrive in her hands.

Tonight, along with eating kale, I think I’m going to watch The Monuments Men and keep reading that HP story. Interestingly, I found out that the author of that story (and many others) is apparently recovering from and rebuilding his life after a decade of destruction and chaos associated with extraordinary and extreme mental illness.


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