A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Yesterday I listened to the most interesting Irish History Podcast, which is indeed called “Irish History Podcast”: http://podbay.fm/show/363368392/e/1399915080?autostart=1. Here’s the blurb:

“1972 was one of the darkest yet defining years in modern Irish history. Nearly five hundred people were killed in the conflict known as “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland. In many ways one death has been remembered more than any other – this was abduction and murder of Jean McConville in December 1972.

In the last two weeks this event in particular has brought 1972 back centre stage when the prominent Irish politician and leader of Sinn Féin, Gerry Adams was arrested in relation to Mrs. McConville’s murder. This has had huge implications for history, as much of the case against Adams appears to have originated in a historical archive seized by the police.

In this podcast I look at these questions: What was in this historical archive? What are the rights of historians to record history vs. the rights of families of victims who may want to read private archives looking of answers? What are the rights of people to their good name when allegations are made about them in historical interviews?”

TOTALLY fascinating. Balancing the rights of family members to getting justice for their loved ones’ murders versus historical academic research. There are no laws governing academic research as there are for priests and lawyers… which presents a bit of a conundrum.

The weight loss thing I’ve been working on is going well so far – I have lost 6 pounds, probably most of which is water weight, but I don’t care. I feel marvelous and hugely energetic and cheerful. It’s probably just psychological, but it’s amazing what impact just losing a little weight has on my mood. I am currently the heaviest I have ever been, and have been feeling terrible physically, but that is now changing. I would not say it’s effortless, but it’s not terribly difficult. It will be a while before I start adding things back in (like refined sugar, breads/pasta, and beer). I’ll do it when I’m certain I’m at a point I can manage things. Right now I feel like I’m still sort of detoxing and dealing with the cravings for sugar. Work in progress. This is, I should hasten to add, a physician-suggested change in the way I eat. I am not on a fad diet, or actually any particular diet at all. Just changing the way I approach food and the choices I make about what I eat. I am not feeling deprived or hungry, and my bloodwork is good.

Speaking of weight, Stripey and Henry both are at about 9 pounds. Well, Stripes is at 9, Henrietta is at 8. The difference is remarkable though. She feels so sturdy and solid and he feels so light and bony. My poor little old guy – I think he might be back to diabetes. His BG numbers last night and this morning were not promising. (sigh)

I started a new book last night, by Fannie Flagg, called Reunion of the All-Girls Filling Station or something along those lines, and it is charming and is going to be a quick read. I’m still reading The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen and it’s ok.

This morning I got some flack on a daily challenge website for seeming sanctimonious when describing my goal of generating no more than one bag of actual throw-away garbage every two weeks. That irritates me, but maybe I am sanctimonious. I mean, it’s MY goal, I’m not saying it should be anyone else’s. For me it makes sense. I live alone. I compost food scraps, and recycle glass/paper/tin/plastic. There’s not much TO actually throw away, aside from cat litter. I recognize that my city makes it very easy for me to accomplish this goal and that it is not the same for everyone else. But it annoys me that being proud of myself for setting a goal and meeting it is viewed with derision because it’s pushing someone else’s guilt button.

Well anyway. Folks will be who they are, I suppose. I’m not letting it get me down, nor derail me from my personal goals.


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