A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Weeeeelllllll…. it occurred to me this evening that the dresses might work better with the girdle panties. And lo and behold, they do. The girdle panties certainly smooth things, but they don’t go down very far, and my thighs could use some smoothing too. (The material for the dresses is jersey, so it’s not clingy, but it’s touchy, does that make sense?)

So I ordered a spanx singlet. It’s a tank top with the boobs cut out so you can wear your own bra, and it goes all the way down the thigh (as shorts). Although, come to think of it, how in the world do you go to the restroom while wearing it? Hmmm. Well, this will be an experiment.

And pretty soon, in maybe another 5-10lbs, I probably won’t need to wear the foundation garments except at work.

I stopped by the goodwill at lunch today and found a cute belt and a bright cheerful red purse and a peasant blouse kind of shirt which I think will look cute with my denim pencil skirt.

No idea why I’m such a clothes horse all of a sudden. I’m really a jeans-and-converse girl at heart, but I guess looking cute at work is a good thing. I guess there is a part of me too that is thinking with an eye to things to wear on dates, just in case that happens at any point. (No prospects, but just in case.)

—- In non-clothes news, let us speak of SPORTS!! My real true love.
The Red Sox won again tonight, and the Blackhawks did too, forcing a Game 7. They make me nervous. I was really bummed that the Habs fell to the Rangers, but that was a great series.

And World Cup is starting soon!! EEEEEEE!!

In cat news, Stripey is feeling way better. I am SO relieved. I can’t even tell you, I pretty much jumped for joy this morning when I saw how low his blood glucose was. I think we’ve averted diabetes.

Hope your Friday night was wonderful. Hope your weekend is great too.


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