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Women in tech

Anyone else watching Halt & Catch Fire on AMC?
“The series is set in the early 1980s and depicts a fictionalized insider’s view of the personal computer revolution. The show’s title refers to the fictitious machine code instruction Halt and Catch Fire, which would cause the computer’s central processing unit to cease functioning.”

It’s only ok. I watched the first 3 episodes and then quit, because the main female character was so ridiculous. Well, this is what I wrote about it:

I am extremely disappointed in YET ANOTHER extremely skinny, weird and edgy, rebel punk Lisbeth Salander type cast as the token chick programmer. Genius but strange, uninhibitedly and somewhat predatorily sexual, and frankly, annoying. She’s also predictably homeless, avoidant of bathing, and conspicuously braless. And let’s not forget combative, argumentative, and emotionally distant.

This trope is repeated again and again. Nothing against these types of women, but surely there is a computer-type person who isn’t so obviously weird, funky, determinedly pixie-ish.

Think about it: Garcia on Criminal Minds, Nell on NCIS:LA, Abby on NCIS…

Am I missing someone who proves this wrong?


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