A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

It’s 4:45. I have been in various stages of wakefulness since 3:30. The dog I’m watching has been very whiny and restless so I finally got up, put on long pants and my robe and took him out.

There are 3 police cars parked outside my house… which yes is odd, but one of the dispatchers lives next door to me, so we see cops now and then. I started down the street with Bodie.

He got really nervous at one house and ran on, and that’s when I saw a guy standing in the intersection. I pulled Bodie up short, crossed the street and headed back for home, thinking it was probably a neighbor out watching the cops to see what was going on.

Yes it’s ungodly wee hours, no, I was not wearing my glasses, so I could tell, but it made me nervous, so we headed back home.

At my driveway I realized there was another silent man… But this one addressed me, saying there’s a MANHUNT going on, with police dogs, and I should take my dog and go back inside.

It was then that I realized how many more police cars there were, and how many more watchful figures were standing at the intersections, and that explained why Bodie was all wound up.

We are safely tucked inside now, but I felt like such a doofus – manhunt going on, many silently watchful sentry cops, and here comes Bodie and me, blundering into the middle of things, robe, flip flops, hair all crazy, me muttering darkly at him to hurry up and pee already and him wanting to sniff every freaking blade of grass and rock there is..,,

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Bodie goes home to stay with the house sitter tomorrow. I am glad. I love him but he’s a handful.


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