A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Boo’s yarzheit

Today it has been one year since we said goodbye to the Boobelly Girlcat. This morning Stripey had knocked her ceramic pawprints off the mantle, which I simply do not think is coincidence, knowing him.

(New people: before she left us he made fridge poetry about her, and then after she left us he ate heart shapes into his food, and yes there is evidence of both in photos.)

Stripey and Boo had never been apart a day in their lives, so her departure was traumatic for both of us. He came with me to work every day for almost a month afterward, and then about 6 weeks later, we decided to adopt Henrietta. Her adoptiversary is August 11.

I would say that HH and Stripey are friends, but they are nothing like the life companions he and Boo were. I love Henry, but I also miss Boo. I miss Boo for Stripey. I miss the two of them together. She really was the best girlcat who ever lived.


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