A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Madness. I opened the fridge this morning and the door was… sticky. Opened the freezer, and it’s toast now. I had to throw out everything, then clean up all the shit that had leaked. I texted my landlord and he replied that he would go to the appliance store today.

UM HELLO. I told him about this 3 days ago! And it’s just today that he’s doing something? I’m doing some deep breathing and not panicking and not borrowing trouble and also keeping MY ZEN DAMN IT.

EDIT: later: New fridge ordered, to be delivered tomorrow, hyzzah!

Anyway. I’ve recently ordered several books on Jewish feminism, which was my area of focus of study when I converted. My friend Leah is currently visiting Israel for a month-long study program and her emails and FB posts have reinvigorated my interest in Jewish feminism. I ordered this book: Taking Up the Timbrel: The Challenge of Creating Ritual for Jewish Women Today.

Should be pretty interesting. Frankly, I find the intersection of feminism and ALL religions to be completely fascinating. I might end up branching out a bit in study.

In “I’m Turning 40 This Year” news… as I have mentioned, I wanted to go to Maine and spend a week there on my own to celebrate my birthday. But last night as I was chatting with my niece online, I realized that… I want to go see my family. Today my cousin announced on facebook that she’s pregnant, and I want to go see her! So, I think that’s what I’m going to do. I have not told my family yet.


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