A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I woke up from a long night of anxiety dreams and sweaty tossing and turning, only to be confronted with several tooth-grinding issues on this fine Monday morning.

I’ve already begun contemplating taking half an ativan, because the prickles are happening, and I’d rather not snap and lose my biscuit at anyone, or worse, burst into tears. I don’t think I mentioned it, but last Friday the yenemesis sent me a slew of idiotic text messages, which I had to deal with with the OM and the managing partner this morning. I was blunt. I told them that I will no longer be associating with her at all. If it means I have to leave the firm, I will.

Edit: half an ativan taken; things are looking right up. Pam wanted the other half, so we’re just smiling placidly at one another and slowly sipping our iced tea. This is good living.

Speaking of good, living, I read this very interesting article/tutorial on how to bake bread in the slow cooker and I’m going to try it!

I learned this morning about Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (which is indeed different from Hoof-and-mouth, an animal-only virus), by way of a few of my adult friends having it, and having gotten it from their wee ones. I mercifully have not been exposed – it sounds like a painful and awful illness to have.

Edit 2: end of day. Can’t wait to get home and not be thinking.


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