A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Coming home from the camping trip was really and truly wonderful. I had a great time, but Stripey and Henry were very happy to see me (and I them, natch), and I was REALLLLLLY glad to get to bathe. My hair was a nest by today. That hot gorgeous shower was glorious, and now my hair is smooth and soft and smells good and is free of bugs, forest debris, ashes, and dirt. (The campsite, while beautiful, was very dusty and all of our fires were exceptionally smokey. Yuck.)

The trip was transformative in that I got to spend a lot of time on my own just contemplating things and being unplugged. I’m going to put in place some changes with regard to money (house), exercise, writing, skipping facebook on the weekends, participating more in Jewish life here, and addressing my own camping needs (gear, etc).

It felt so good to just read for 2 days, and hike and nap. It was pretty scary at night – just the most absolute darkness, and in it every sound could be a wild animal (just the wind) or someone approaching the tent… I freak myself out pretty readily, which I’m sure comes as a surprise to NONE of you… but last night the wind came up so hard and so loudly that it woke me, and it whipped my rain cover off the stakes (it was still attached to my tent, though), so that was making a whisking whispery slithery fabric sound that it took some time to talk myself down from.

I’d like to camp alone, but I’m not at all sure I’m brave enough to do it.

In cat news: Stripes is losing weight again. I’m going to up his dose of pred and take him in for his exam next week when my vet gets back from vacation. Poor lambchop. Send us good thoughts.

My bed is calling me…


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