A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

This morning on my way into the office, I listened to a very interesting podcast (Stuff You Missed in History Class) on the Great London Smog of 1952, described thusly:

“London is famous for a being a very foggy place, and for generations, that fog was also exceptionally dirty. So when a particularly dense pea-soup smog descended in December of 1952, nobody realized anything unusual was going on at first. But this time, the fog went on for days, and it wound up killing thousands of people.” Gross! People showed up to the hospital with black faces and blue lips!!

Link to info about the podcast
Listen to it here at TuneIn, about half an hour or a little less

Do any of you remember this event, or have parents or grandparents who lived through it? Very interesting.

It’s another decent outfit day (pink and black, and even hot pink flats!). I’ve come to cherish these days because since I fell off my Healthy Eating Lower Carb Food Revolution bandwagon, I have been feeling cruddy again. Man. There is just NO GETTING AROUND IT. Eat certain things = feel terrible. Remove that stuff = feel way better. Anyway, I’m back on track now, but have been feeling like a plop for the last week or so.

Last night was kind of bad too – full blown anxiety, like the prickling across my scalp and shoulder, the whole nine yards. I took some medicine and found the couch and 2 cats and that helped a bunch, but how very annoying. It was nothing in particular, just a bunch of technological things and then I cracked my elbow really hard, then tripped over the cord to a fan, then some dude came to my door while I was on hold forever with someone idiot at Amazon who was unable to help me and kept calling me back every time I hung up (simultaneously the best and worst customer service of all time)… But today is better, so I’m dwelling in the now.

I found this great Pinterest board of gorgeous headstones, cemeteries and angel statues, all of which I simply adore and must share with you guys. Are any of you taphophiles too?

Tumblr: http://taphophilia.tumblr.com/


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