A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

There are two Really Big Crows outside my door at the moment. I’ll take crows over solicitors any day. I wonder what they mean, though.

Today I’ll be visiting the ZoomCare clinic as my ear has gone wonky – and stabby, plus some of the dizziness and nausea I was feeling yesterday and attributed to having a headache from the paint fumes I think can actually be chalked up to the ear. Geez. I was really sick last year on my birthday with ridiculous tonsilar abscess and an ear infection – I don’t want a repeat! So for antibiotics I go today. My headache is measurably better, and thus ends the riveting update on my health status.

Saturday I made Spiralized Veggies in Sriracha-Soy Sauce. The recipe called for putting the sauce over thin egg noodles, which I’m sure would be delicious, but I cannot emphasiz enough how AMAZING it was over zuke & yellow squash! I marinated 2 tilapia fillets in the sauce, as well, and had more leftover for use on something else. The only thing I changed was to cut the Sriracha amount in half (and it was still kicky). I want to eat this EVERY DAY, that’s how good it is.

Not much to say – the antibiotics are kicking in but I still feel draggy.


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