A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Very long day. Then, after sitting in much traffic in the heat, I broke the cardinal rule of grocery shop and stormed into Safeway like a ravenous beast, rampaging up and down every aisle, throwing things into my buggy willy-nilly.

$150 later…

Tomorrow I have to get my driver’s license renewed. Bleh. But then I’m off for three days! And the fun begins. Baseball tomorrow evening with my friend Grace, then Saturday is All Day Birthday Beautification and Pampering (to include mani/pedi and a haircut and color), then a date with Matt and Matthew for dinner and upscale drinking. Sunday I’m brewing, and Monday I’m having drinks with another friend… at a Packer’s bar!

Oooh! Speaking of the Packers. So football season is riiiight around the corner and this year I was invited to and signed up for a fantasy football league!! I’m looking forward to getting into it. I don’t have any particular team allegiance when it comes to the NFL. I root for the Patriots when I can watch them, but I like the idea of rooting for the Packers too, because of cheese. So going to the Packer’s bar might be really fun. Also, they serve pasties and I think we can all agree that that’s a good sign.

Sorry no pretty pictures or lighthouses today. I’ll be back on track tomorrow. And, this wretched spate of womanhoodtimehell comes to an end tomorrow. I’m going to be REALLY happy to have my body back. I hate feeling hijacked by hormones.

The sunset here is gorgeous tonight, all pinks and blues.

I increased Stripey’s thyroid meds today, because I weighed him again and he’s lost a bit more weight, plus he’s soooo restless and yowly and yodely. So we’ll see if that works. I’ve got to take him in to see Dr. McG in 3 weeks, so we’ll know something definitive then.

Final thing: a whole bunch of people (like 20!) have RSVP’d to my birthday celebration (on the 9th, when more people were able to make it to a gathering) and I chatted back and forth with the head brewer of the brewery we’re going to. He’s a super cool guy, and can I just say, I freaking love beer and beer culture. People are so nice. Now if the suds would just bring forth someone for me to date, that would be swell!

It’s 8:45, time to be offline. Happy night my pals.


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