A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Alaska and food and stuff

My obsession with Alaska comintues. Check out these amazing (truly, inspiring awe) photos: http://www.beyondcrowds.com/. That first one is NOT real blood on the snow, in case you are squeamish. It’s algae! Which I find incredibly fascinating.

Today’s kitchen adventures include a green curry mushroom greenbean stirfry with golden raisins, cashews and cilantro; eggplant with dark chinese garlic sauce; greek-style pinenut and feta half moon pies; cashew lime dressing for the zuke noodles; and a dozen hard-boiled eggs.


Tomorrow I’m picking Stripey up at lunch and taking him with me to work so we can go to the vet in the afternoon. I’m 95% sure his thyroid is out of whack – he’s so restless and shouty and hungry like the wolf. No diabetes symptoms though. He is a precious lambchop, and he is currently sleeping like a crazy dork on the veeeeerrrrrry edge of the kitchen peninnsula (the only elevated spot they’re allowed on). His paws are all drooped over the edge. How is that comfortable, I ask you.

Thanks for all of your extremely nice comments on Henry’s adoptiversary post & my new shirt. I posted the same picture on facebook as my profile picture and Leslie (remember her, the girl Griffin was always so in love with?) replied, “… I have that shirt. :D” And I thought, “OF COURSE YOU DO.” I will always consider it a shame that she and I can’t be real friends, because we have so much in common, but there is too much baggage there. Plus, I don’t know for sure, but I suspect she still moons over him, and that…. I just can’t respect. He texted me a happy birthday on my b-day, and that is the first contact I have had with him in a really long time. I should have done that AGES AGO. I have been so much happier having him nowhere near my sphere.

I am a slow learner, I guess. Anyway. Can’t really be friends with her, which is a pity, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Her comment did remind me of this one time that Griffin was encouraging me to be more fashionable and suggested helpfully that I look at some pictures on Leslie’s facebook for examples. GOD. I hate how stupid I was over that whole situation.

But on to happier news: I think after a long walk this evening I’m going to spend the evening watching Teen Wolf with my niece (she is watching in OK). She starts her freshman year on Tuesday and is nervous. I sent a massive care package with cool clothes and socks and lip gloss and books and a mix CD, which she was over the moon about. Maybe it will help ease the transition. I remember being verrry nervous myself!


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