A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

A sad day

Someone got hit by a car and died on the sidewalk about 100 feet from my house today. Needless to say there were a lot of police and news crews.

Also it bears noting that even though I am daily inundated with “crime stuff” via work/internet/tv/books/movies, whatever… just knowing that an actual dead person, someone the neighbors rushed to try to save and who died anyway, was lying under the sheet on the sidewalk was so unbelievably upsetting, I cannot even tell you.

It’s horrifying – and the poor woman who hit the man who died… she’s someone’s grandma, and she had some kind of terrible medical thing happen which caused her to lose control of her car. She hit a light pole which had to be repositioned and was lucky didn’t come down onto the house neraby. She’s in critical condition, last I heard, and her car was absolutely mangled. I don’t know how fast you have to be going to sustain that kind of damage to a car, but my god.

The whole incident is awful. And still on the sidewalk and the street and in people’s yards, although they tried to clean it up, is the visible reminder of what happened there. Glass and … yuck.


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