A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

First and foremost, thank you all so very much for your extremely kind and thoughtful comments. I am not sure I can respond to them all individually, but your words mean more to me than I could ever adequately express. I really do so appreciate my friends list. I am feeling far less anxious. Wellll…. until I started researching and saw the list of side effects and then the tears flowed again. I am trying to remember that not everything has terrible side effects, and that nothing has to be forever.

There seems to be some dissonance in my head regarding who I think I should be, or maybe more precisely, who I feel myself capable of being, and who I actually am. I think that’s what’s causing the anxiety, maybe the depression. Thank goodness for Wendy, who will help me sort it out, and who will help guide my thoughts into more productive and healthier paths.

I have an appointment on Weds with the doctor to discuss options and get some more info.


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