A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

This morning I had my doc appointment to discuss starting antidepressants. She’s starting me on Wellbutrin on a pretty low dose and was extremely encouraging and supportive, as I knew she would be. I am hopeful. This evening I have an appointment with Wendy, so, even more reason to be hopeful.

I keep reading over all of your responses to my original post and let me thank you all again for weighing in so encouragingly. Your words were a HUGE comfort to me. Comfort I can actually feel!

Last night I started that glorious Vermont puzzle. It’s going to be a real humdinger! This morning Stripey was dozing in the box with the pieces. He’s such a good helper. I finished Grimm, too (!!!!! So good!) and started Crossbones. Is anyone watching that? The first episode was pretty amusing in a light and fluffy way. I like light and fluffy right now.

In family news…
I proposed to my sister that Aria come here for part of her holiday break in December. Sister & BIL are discussing it. I thought a plane ticket might make for a nice 15th birthday present. It would be fun to show her the Christmas ships and the big tree downtown and maybe go to the Grotto for the holiday choir and lights spectacular. Plus all the fun Hannukah stuff! Hannukah falls right before Christmas this year, which is my FAVORITE! A whole month of celebrations. So it would be super fun to have the babe here with me to frolic.

We are planning professional photos of my sister, Aria and me while I’m there and… I told my sister my ideas for clothes (scarves, sweaters, boots – it’s almost October when we’re taking them, after all) and she replied that she gave away all of her sweaters when she stopped being “chunky.” And that the only boots she has are her motorcycle boots. So. My sister is a biker, my niece is a hipster, and I’m fairly preppy. I suggested we try for a COLOR COORDINATION. I have also let go of all of my fantasies about how this is going to go, because it is clearly not going to be like something from a movie, hahahaha. (With my family it never is.)

In book news, that Vermont book? Mud Season? I gave it up. The author made me absolutely crazy. Entitled, spoiled, wealthy but stupid, stupid, histrionic, narcissistic, clueless, did I mention stupid? She made it all seem like a hilarious bumbling joke that she and her ridiculously wealthy family paraded into this small town, turned it upside down, alienated the townspeople, and then ran the beautiful, generations-old town grocery and general store into the ground. Not the jolly tale for me. I’m on the lookout for a book about real people, not people who believe the locals to be so inept that they FLY IN their own contractor and his entire CREW and then RENT A HOUSE for them and FEED THEM while they renovate the country manor. Give me a honkin break.


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