A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Happy Saturday! College football today! Boomer Sooner!

I had another bad night, second night of nightmares which woke me up thrashing and shouting and totally panicked. Last night I dreamed someone broke in and I was fighting them, managed to get them out of the house and then had to run in slow motion to the back door to prevent them from coming in that way.

It seems obvious that this is a reaction to this depression thing – Ian called it an “intruder,” and I repeated that to Wendy, so it makes sense I dreamed it that way, but DAMN. I woke up so scared, my heart was thundering. I had to get up, turn on the lights, and then it took 2 hours to go back to sleep, and only after drugging myself into submission.

Even though it’s early days, I can’t help but think the Wellbutrin is causing some of the things I’ve been noticing, like feeling a little amped up, suddenly having really dry eyes, and not being able to sleep very well. All of those are listed as side effects, but hopefully they will abate as I go along. I decided to quit taking my allergy meds for now, because I wonder if the pseudofed in them, in conjunction with whatever is in the Wellbutrin, is making me TOO amped.

ANYWAY. It’s gameday. OU and the Timbers and this morning I’m watching the Patriots pre-season game against the Giants. It’s cloudy and cool and things are feeling right in the world. If I can get the game to stream, Shanon and Shely are coming over, huzzah!


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