A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

The puzzlin life

Day 4 of the WellBeU.
I took the pill late yesterday morning and ended up being up until 12:30. I did sleep, but not unaided. No nightmares, so that’s good. I took the pill earlier this morning, and will see how that goes tonight for bedtime. I took the allergy pill WITHOUT the pseudophedrine in it, so maybe I can breathe AND not be depressed AND sleep. It is obviously a trial and error process.

Thus ends my riveting account of medication.

Yesterday afternoon Shely and Erin came over and we watched the OU Sooners game (OU being Shely’s alma mater, too) and we worked on the Vermont puzzle. Erin is a keen puzzler (as they say), but Shely wasn’t toooo into it…. but by the end of the night she could hardly tear herself away! They stayed til midnight!! (They arrived at 4pm, I should add.) We had such a nice time, drinking beer, talking, puzzling. Pizza, faux buffalo wings, playing with the cats. Just really nice. And I had a GREAT TIME.

The Vermont puzzle is almost finished, I might add. I will finish it today. I’ve got the lighthouse puzzle next! And Erin and Shely picked out a puzzle from my (immense) collection and took it home with them. A puzzler is born, and I have to say, it made me so happy to work a puzzle with friends – never done that before – and also the knowledge that there is probably a romantic someone out there who will work puzzles with me, too.

It feels like it turned into fall over here all at once! I put the down comforter back on the bed last night, and folded away the summerweight quilts. Henry was happy, she loves to play in the (ruched) duvet and snuggle into the feathers. She, like me, enjoys sleeping in a feathery embrace.


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