A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Slept fine, unaided, woke up fine at 6:30 (although I did go back to sleep because getting up early on a vacation day is intrinsically wrong. Today I bumped up to the higher dose, so we’ll see how that works. I am feeling fine – I’m actually feeling GOOD. Tasks which have seemed overwhelming for the past… however long… are now totally doable and I am in fact DOING them.

For example. I have long wanted some sort of organizational solution for the black hole corner of my kitchen, my cookbooks which take up valuable real estate on the counters (and not to mention my ever=growing collectioin of Junior League books which I would like to display and use more easily!). And then there’s the cupboard. My space cabinet needs a lot of love and more space, and I have all of these adorable glass jars (from Classico spaghetti sauce, they’re Atlas jars, I think, versus Masons) in which live nuts and seeds and legumes, and I would like to be able to get to them too.

So I ordered 6′ tall shelves, and kitchen reorganization will happen this week! Not only am I not overwhelmed, I’m actually excited.

2 other fall projects I want to accomplish: planting tulips, and buying and installing a storm door. I can do these things!! (Well, I might need help with the storm door. And to save some pennies to buy one!)

Today in Facebook news: I unfollowed someone who re-posted some stupid Muslims aren’t Americans bullshit (honestly, you fucking morons) and I unfollowed a friend of a friend who “liked” a comment on her post wherein the writer said, “putting flowers is your beard is pretty gay.” I wish people weren’t so stupid sometimes, but nowadays, the “unfriend” button is getting a workout versus the less drastic “unfollow” option.


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