A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Henry played really hard and then collapsed next to me and immediately fell asleep. Pretty darn cute even though she’s so very warm it’s like sleeping with a fireball.

I myself am trying a no-sleep-aid night since I’m off work tomorrow. It’s midnight and I feel like I could sleep. Should have turned screens off a while ago!

Also, I installed a night light in the living room. Once the aerogarden turns off, it gets very very dark. I’ve never really been afraid of the dark, but with all these nutty dreams lately… I am OK with having a nightlight. Like a 4 year old.

Oh! Tonight I watched the Anthony Bourdain where he goes to South Africa. The food looks yummy! What a fascinating place.

Finally, I finished the Vermont puzzle. It is missing one piece. I have never lost a piece, ever. I crawled around on the floor, I looked under the appliances, etc etc, and no piece. I’m disappointed. I don’t know if I lost it or if it came that way. It couldn’t, could it? Anyway, starting lighthouses tomorrow.


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