A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I did a lovely bright red mani/pedi yesterday and it looks great!

I also cancelled the photo shoot I had planned for my sister and Aria and me in OK. It just doesn’t make financial sense, not to mention that I am afraid I am setting myself up for some severe disappointment. We’re doing Wine & Palette instead, and we’re setting up a night where we the daughters cook for all of our parents at the same time. That could be interesting.

Day 6(?) of the Wellbutrin. Some side effects I am experiencing: really dry skin, eyes and mouth, and slightly trembling hands. Both are manageable, but in the interest of keeping track of things, I am making note here. Another interesting side effect: seeing things in my peripheral vision which are not there. Apparently these things dissipate after a while. On the upside, I feel really good. I dropped an egg on the floor this morning and did not go to tears over it. I had an interaction with the yenemesis which did not leave me seething. I am extraordinarily alert, but also slightly spacey. I started the higher dose on Monday and I anticipate that it will take a few days to settle into it. I must take it with food, however, as my getting ready for work routine was interrupted by quite a lot of being sick. So that’s not fun, but on the whole these things are minor.

The long weekend was so lovely. It was really nice to have the extra day to putter. My shelves/rack are due to arrive today, so I’ll be putting them together this evening and beginning the process of kitchen makeover. So exciting!


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