A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

There is something wrong with Stripey. He’s been acting weird and he seemed really stiff in his hips, so I gave him an arthritis shot and a little dose of his pain med. But he still seemed so uncomfortable that I have him the stronger pain med, which is also sedating. As soon as I gave it, I realized he might be having a low blood glucose. Drew blood, and our fucking meter’s battery is dead. So I decided to err on the side of making him high and administered honey, followed by dry food, which he willingly ate. I’ve given him little bits of the dry food as the evening is progressing and he is eating it. He’s drinking plenty of water too and is much calmer, although that’s probably from the pain stuff.
I’m so upset with myself. I gave him a drug which will effectively mask hypoglycemic symptoms without any way to check him.

Edit: Shely is on her way over with a meter so i can check him. He’s drinking quite a bit of water, which may be a side effect of the med. I don’t know, I think I fucked up and its going to be a long night of watching over him. If I have harmed him, I will never forgive myself.

Edit: he seems comfortable in his box. Sleepy. I put water and food nearby so he doesn’t have to go far. He is purring, just a little, his usual breathing purrs, not the constant he was doing earlier. That’s what made me think it was his hips. He couldn’t seem to get comfortable or relax. I just cannot believe I didn’t realize we had a dead battery and that I didn’t immediately think of a hypo. He’s never had one. He’s in remission for petes sake!

Please do your prayer/universal spirit/whatever for us. I am more scared than I’ve been since he was first diagnosed. Maybe it came back and I just didn’t know.


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