A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Whoa. These look amazing. I think I’m going to try making them for my End of Summer Cookout on Saturday.

What? Entertaining? Hosting friends and being excited about it? HELLO OLD SELF!

The best side effect of my new medicine is that I am not hungry at all, and I mean AT ALL. It’s 9pm and I just realized I haven’t eaten since a can of tuna at lunch. I am now eating some veg soup (which I pulled dubiously out of the freezer and which is STILL DELICIOUS many months later), but purely for the nourishment, not because I am hungry. I think that’s a weird side effect, but I will take it! I figure losing the 10lbs I put on over the last month will aid handily in fighting depression.

Tonight Stripey is feeling fine. He assisted me in cleaning out my closet. He snuggled onto my lap during the football game, and then Henry made her way up and snuggled in with us — and groomed the heck out of Stripey! She even stood up at one point so she could get a better angle. That means something, yes? Anyway, it was sweet. I was prepared for her to suddenly bite him, but she didn’t. She groomed him, chewed on my fingers a bit, and then went to sleep.

She did bite him earlier as he walked by, but… baby steps, I guess.


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