A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Stripey is ok. The sedating properties of the pain meds are wearing off. He is eating and drinking normally, and his blood sugar is stable over the course of this almost 3 hours. Shely and Erin came and brought an extra meter and stayed with us.
I think the issue maybe was with his hips after all, because his BG has been exactly the same each time I’ve checked. If it had been low and then I gave sugar and high carb food to him, I would expect it to rise and then climb. So I don’t know, but I’m so thankful for my friends and for my little trooper. He’s much calmer now and just jumped up to his spot where we do the puzzles, and is dozing against the box.
Whatever this was, it wasn’t normal. He was almost frantic in his cries, and could not be consoled by the usuals: cuddles, treats, toys, not even a new box. Any time I left his sight, he got up and cried. Now he seems way better but I think I’ll still sleep on the couch tonight. (He doesn’t like getting up on my bed when I’m under the covers.)
Scary night. I’m calling in late tomorrow so I can keep an eye on him.
I am grateful beyond measure to the cat gods, just in case. I’m so glad I didn’t seriously harm him.
The thing that upsets me most is that I’ve noticed since being on the Wellbutrin a certain level flightiness. I forget my keys. I can’t remember how to get to a place and drive around searching for it. Those things are no big deal, but medicating Stripey is a balancing act. I’m going to have to pay much closer attention and not just act. All I could think though was that he was in so much pain, I had to help.
It’s extremely hard being a cat mom. I do not know how people do it with human children. I would be a complete wreck from day 1.


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