A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Man I’m tired. I had some weird dreams last night and woke up shaking my head.

I spent the evening with Shanon and Brooke, which was super fun. Their place is really cute and Brooke made amazing vegan potstickers and eggrolls. Delicious. While she was cooking, Shanon and I walked over to the beer market and picked out a mix-and-match 6-pack to have with dinner. Their old pug Max was very charming, too. I just had a lovely time hanging out, laughing, being silly.

Tonight I’m on my own and I’m not ashamed to admit that I can’t wait to get home and watch some more Supernatural! I might make tomato basil soup too. It was so hot this past weekend that I didn’t do the usual cooking for the week, so I’m going to have to be creative. BUT! Now that the cookbooks live on the shelf instead of on the countertop, I actually have room for my blender and immersion blender!

Our office is infested with fruit flies at the moment. ( Collapse )
When I say INFESTED, that’s not hyperbole. There were clouds swarming through the entire office. The kitchen was swarming. The compost bin, where the problem originated, looked like it was covered in a moving skin. Oh lord. The compost bin has since been moved outside and will be dumped later, and we put out a tray of balsamic vinegar (we didn’t have any apple cider) and now they’re just swarming all over that and everywhere else. I had to take my lunch into the stairwell to eat it, to be away from them! When I went into the bathroom, and fluffed my hair, fruit flies flew out of it!! OH MY GOD! (Admittedly my hair is huge and bushy like a broomy haystack today, having lived for the past 2 days up in a bun.) I really hope tomorrow is better. I don’t do well with swarms of anything. I mean it could be WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY worse, entomologically speaking, but still.

My mother nearly burned her house down when a lamp she re-wired tilted and the bulb burned through the shade. Her birthday is tomorrow so I couldn’t really scold her, but OMG. I went through the “you really should look into the energy-saving bulbs” thing and she told me she hates them and won’t use them, for XYZ reasons. So. Ok then.

Not my circus! Not my monkeys.
Nottttt myyyyyy cirrrrcus; notttttt myyyyyy moooonnnnkeys!

Back to t.v. I’m starting to see previews for the new fall shows!!!!!! Eeeeee! Some of them look GOOD.
These are on my list so far (and may or may not stay, but I’ll give these a chance)
– Madame Secretary
– Gracepoint
– Gotham
– Red Band Society
– How to Get Away with Murder
– Scorpion
– Tyrant
– Forever
– Mysteries of Laura

What’s on your list??


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