A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I learned a new word yesterday: campestral, which means “of, or relating to, fields or open country.” I LOVE IT. What a great word.

Also heard this quote, which really resonates with me, and I suspect many of you will also like it: “The opposite of war is creation.” Isn’t that just the absolute truth. I heard it on (surprise!) a podcast (State of the Re:Union, in the Baltimore episode, by a man working with the “6th Branch,” an organization of veterans committed to urban renewal of blighted areas. This is from their website:

The 6th Branch is a nonprofit organization utilizing the leadership and organizational skills of military veterans to execute aggressive community service initiatives at the local level.

We believe that the military skill set is ideal for the initiation and organization of community projects. Our organization aims to empower veterans by utilizing the characteristics typically strengthened through military service, such as a sense of mission, a dedication to duty, and a love of country. We build community by bringing together service-mined veterans and civilians to serve our community on the home front.

I mean, how cool is that? Have I mentioned how much I love podcasts and radio shows? I learn so much neat stuff.


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