A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Wellll. I just continue to make friends and keep them. My cousin’s wife posted something on facebook yesterday, a re-post of a rant by someone else, all about how the people who are striking for $15/hr minimum wage need to shut the hell up because enlisted service members make less than that, and if people don’t want to work for minimum wage, then they should have more than minimum skills.


So, I spoke up, and at length, and then she removed the post. This is the second time she’s posted something like that (the last time it was about fat people needing interventions) and the second time I’ve waded right in and offered a different perspective. I’m sure she hates me by now, but I guess I don’t care. I can’t just sit by and not say something. And I didn’t even get into, like, social theory, or economics, or the psychology of poverty, or this country’s ridiculous insistence on maintaining a class system WITHIN the middle class. All I really said was “Here in Portland people with PhDs routinely work in coffee shops because it’s the only job they can get. And on the flip side, not everyone is ABLE to gain ‘more than minimum skills.'” I might have said something about privilege and offensiveness and short-sightedness and judgement…

I don’t know. I’m feeling more and more like I need to take a break from that part of the internet. And possibly from the news. The NFL placed non-playing exemptions on 2 more people who have perpetuated DV (and got caught), the descriptions of both of which were utterly HORRIFIC. My happy Wellbutrin-fueled mood is being slowly eroded by the scum of humanity.

So annnnnnyway. Something unexpected but great happened today: One of the partners requested me specifically to be his paralegal! Hyzzah!

Also…. Scotland… what is going to happen?


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