A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Rosh Hashanah

It’s Rosh Hashanah! Shana tova to my fellow Jews!! Rosh Hashanah is our new year (and is my favorite holiday). I will be in Oklahoma for Yom Kippur – I did not plan this trip well at all. I suppose being back in Oklahoma is a form of atonement in and of itself, haha. But anyway.

Things are falling into place for the trip. I have a few more last-minute things to get done before I leave tomorrow, and I’m leaving early from my office today to give myself some last minute time. I really do not want to leave Stripey, but I am trying to just stay calm about it. I cannot affect the outcome any more so than I already am trying, so worrying doesn’t make much sense. Then again, when has worrying ever made sense?

Important trip-related things have been accomplished: I got a mobile hotspot set up on my phone so I can use my tablet while I’m at my folks (they do not have wifi), and I have a stack of books 9 deep on my kindle, plus I got Outlander on audible! Have any of you read that? I got the show, too but have not watched any of it yet.

New shows I’ve watched and liked: Forever, Madam Secretary, and Blackish. What about you guys? I’ve got several to watch when I get back, too.


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