A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I miss the fam. I went to bed really early the last two nights, but still have not slept very well. My bed is a MILLION times more comfortable than my very very old bed at Dad & Joy’s, so that’s a plus, but I have been hot and restless and Stripey has been yodeling at various points throughout both nights.


TV update
NCIS – two thumbs up!
NCIS:New Orleans – yes! And thank god they’ve gotten Scott Bakula’s “accent” tamped down. I realize that maybe a lot of people don’t have an ear for the nuances of the southern dialects, but his attempt was very bad, and didn’t even sound cajun, let alone anything more pronounced (like yats and dems). A suggestion of an accent is so much better than faking it, especially since the other guy, the one from Alabama, is actually FROM Alabama and so has a perfect accent. Anyway, it’s getting going and I’ll keep watching.
TAR – yes!
The Goldbergs – yes!
NCIS:LA – yes
Scorpion – the first episode was wildly unbelievable, but the premise is good. I will give it another watch.
Madam Secretary – yes! This one is a keeper.
Forever – enjoyable and a keeper.

I’m back to work today, with only about a bazillion emails to go through. One of them was from Griffin, who told me that he and his ladyfriend are moving to BARROW, ALASKA (pop ~4,000) next fall. I’m … I don’t even know what I am. Glad he’s found someone he feels is worth going to such an extreme for, I guess? Glad it isn’t me? Etc, etc. I haven’t responded yet, but when I do it will be along the lines of “Good for you! Go forth and adventure.” I mean, Barrow is way crazy super duper remote, and quite the antithesis in pretty much every conceivable way to San Diego and the southern California lifestyle, which he seems to enjoy tremendously (it’s all sailing sloops and flying planes and surfing and wearing aviator sunglasses and topsiders these days). To each his own, I guess. (p.s. I realized he might have told me about this move via text a while back and I forgot about it.)

In that same vein, I have a lot of thoughts about my visit back to Oklahoma and some ideas and possibilities I took away from it. I’m still trying to hash it all out at the moment.

As to books: I dumped Discovery of Witches and picked up The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater… and it was EXCELLENT. I started The Dream Thieves (2nd in the series) in one of the airports along the way home and it is also fantastic. Really unique and interesting, and the characters are just amazingly well-drawn. Finally, books to get lost in.


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