A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I got shipping confirmation for all of the prints I ordered of the various photos from the trip. I also got my fall Scenstys ordered, as well as the groceries. Lunchtime sure does speed by when you’re doing personal administrative work!

I’m unbelievably tired and I know it’s partially (along with “jet lag” and other factors) because my diet sucks again. Starting Monday I’ll be back to living the low carb life. I’m also going to begin eating some meat in small amounts. Lowered carb eating is incredibly difficult with fish, nuts and eggs as the only major protein sources, so I’ll be buying small amounts of chicken and turkey, from the butcher, to ensure local, small farm operations are supplying the meat. I’m not happy about this decision, but I think it is the right thing for me to do for a limited period of time.

To help assuage my guilt about this, I went through the bathroom and kitchen and systematically replaced non-compliant items with animal-cruelty-free items. It’s not the same, but for the time being, it is all I can do.

Sometimes I really wish I didn’t know what I know, and/or didn’t care. I would probably save a lot of money and emotional angst and not sound like some sign-wielding, uber-righteous activist, or a neurotic woman with food issues.

Well, anyway. It’s sukkot! To celebrate I have neither built a sukkah nor do I have the four elements to waft around the sukkah I didn’t build. Nor do I have any festive meals or etc planned. I really am the worst Jew possible.


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