A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

I bought a book on the history of chowder (A History of Chowder: Four Centuries of a New England Meal) for some lighter fare aaaaaannndddd now I think I need to make it my mission to make as many different chowder recipes add I can. This could very well be The Winter of Crochet and Chowder. (Doesn’t THAT sound like the title to some “women’s fiction”!)

Sooo, if you have a good chowder recipe, please share!

I spent pretty much the whole day with Shanon, watching football and eating and talking. It was great! Waking right up at 6:30 and not being able to go back to sleep was less great, but I was able to make the breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls before the game started at 9. We won, too, although it wasn’t because we played spectacularly, that’s for sure.

It’s drizzly and chilly here tonight. I pulled out the oil radiator and turned it on low for Stripey, who has been the ultimate lapcat all day. I have not turned the heat on in the house though!


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