A southern girl in the Pacific Northwest

Another night of fractured sleep… This is probably the 10th in a row? Tonight there will be drugs.

Anyone see the eclipse last night/ early this morning?


Forgot to put on deodorant this morning. That was unfortunate. I’m in Denver. It’s hot.

Last night here, and possibly last night in this house, if Dad & Joy sell before I get back. I’m surprised at how sad I feel to be leaving.

It is very quiet here. Bugs and wind, hawks and wind chimes, the occasional baaahhhroooooo of a hound. No street noise. No cars. No sirens. My ears are happy here.

But dad and joy are selling the house and moving into town, preparing for their future together and dad’s (third and final) retirement. I’m terribly sad to lose this house and the land, but of course I support them and their plans.

Last night it stormed something fierce, and I kind of feel like I’m getting the full show, especially if this is my last time being here. It was pretty neat, but my dad’s huge white lab, who sleeps with me while I’m here, was not enthused, poor guy. So there was a lot of extra snuggling in the wee hours.

We made dinner and hung out on the porch and drank scotch and talked til late last night. Tonight I’m doing stuff with my mom. I’ve got a different attitude now, so I think it will be fine.

It’s beautiful here in a lot of ways, and ugly in others. The casual, frequent racism is an example of the ugliness. The amazing skies are an example of the beauty. The clouds looked like they were on fire as the sun set last night. Good and bad here just like everywhere else, I suppose.

There was a huuuge thunderstorm in the night, which was cool, although the dog didn’t think so! This morning the air feels completely different. Well, it’s still crazy humid and windy, but it’s cooler!

Rosh Hashanah

It’s Rosh Hashanah! Shana tova to my fellow Jews!! Rosh Hashanah is our new year (and is my favorite holiday). I will be in Oklahoma for Yom Kippur – I did not plan this trip well at all. I suppose being back in Oklahoma is a form of atonement in and of itself, haha. But anyway.

Things are falling into place for the trip. I have a few more last-minute things to get done before I leave tomorrow, and I’m leaving early from my office today to give myself some last minute time. I really do not want to leave Stripey, but I am trying to just stay calm about it. I cannot affect the outcome any more so than I already am trying, so worrying doesn’t make much sense. Then again, when has worrying ever made sense?

Important trip-related things have been accomplished: I got a mobile hotspot set up on my phone so I can use my tablet while I’m at my folks (they do not have wifi), and I have a stack of books 9 deep on my kindle, plus I got Outlander on audible! Have any of you read that? I got the show, too but have not watched any of it yet.

New shows I’ve watched and liked: Forever, Madam Secretary, and Blackish. What about you guys? I’ve got several to watch when I get back, too.


Super overwhelmed by going on this trip. I should have hired a professional to handle the cats. Everyone is being so helpful, but it is so fucking complicated to keep Stripey alive. I very definitely should not have planned to be gone this long. And I’m not going to do it again.