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April Smith & the Great Picture Show – Wow & Flutter

Wow and Flutter – April Smith & the Great Picture Show

I love love love this album. It’s country swing with a vintage, almost vaudevillian feel. It’s checkered tablecloths and pies on the windowsill, banjos, fiddles, and toe-tapping beats, climbing trees, telling secrets, and singing along. Every song is excellent, and while some are stronger than others, there’s not one that I don’t like. That’s pretty rare.

There is a trend in music of blending genres to create new sounds. I’m a big fan of this. I think I started noticing it when Jack White teamed up with Loretta Lynn. This record, Songs For A Sinking Ship, is a good example of that kind of fusion. There are definitely elements of country to be tasted in the twangs and fiddle-riffs, but there is a certain danceability which seems unusual.

The album is unique and creative and has a fresh, heat-of-the-summer feel to it.