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The Phantom Band – Into the Corn

Into The Corn – The Phantom Band

The Wants is the Phantom Band’s second album, and it absolutely does not fall into the “sophomore slump” category. No indeed, this album is an amazement. The voices, gritty and pleasantly Scottish, sink to menacing lows and rise to what amazon.uk calls a “festival chorus,” which is pretty much just the right pitch so that you want to sing along. And possibly break out your air drums.

Into the Corn is a weird song. It’s got plenty of disparate elements, but they come together in an unexpectedly good way. This is rock with a Scottish brogue, the sounds we expect in our rock and roll, plus bagpipes and electric pops and clicks.

Other standout tracks on this album are “A Glamour” and “Everybody Knows It’s True,” but truly the whole album is excellent, genre-defying, and really exciting as far as giving a unique spin to tired rock ideals.